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Who is a good fit for the farm?

Adult men who have been diagnosed with a Substance Use Disorder, who also have co-occurring mental/behavioral health needs, are eligible to apply to the Carl E. Dahl House at Evergreen Grove. The ideal resident has already completed some form of treatment and is looking to transition to longer-term care. New residents must be stable in regard to both their physical and mental health as we are not an acute care facility. Any applicant must also be aware that life on a farm requires physical activity and should be prepared for such.

What does a typical day look like on the farm?

Residents awake each morning and prepare themselves for an active day by showering, eating breakfast and then attending to whatever morning chores may be assigned to them that day. The animals on the farm eagerly await that morning visit as they too are ready for breakfast and have no idea what "sleeping in" means!
Later in the morning some residents will have individual or group sessions with their Clinician which will involve additional activity on and around the farm. Other residents may leave the farm on a staff-led group hike, to attend appointments, assist staff on a supply run to the feed store, the hardware store, or to stop by one of neighboring farms to lend a hand or swap supplies.
Evenings include the last feeding of the day for the animals, dinner for residents, educational groups in the house or outside support meetings, game and movie nights, campfires and other activities.

What should I bring?

New residents should come prepared to live and work on a farm. This means comfortable, seasonally appropriate work clothes that WILL get dirty. Good farm/muck boots are a must! Rain gear year-round and cold weather gear in colder months are needed. Casual clothes for trips into town and to attend appointments. Picture ID and any Health Insurance cards should be brought. Cell phones are not permitted for new residents, but privileges may be earned in time. Toiletries and personal care items will be necessary. Bedding/sheets are provided.

Do you accept health insurance?

The Carl E. Dahl house is in-network with several MassHealth/Medicaid plans available for some Massachusetts residents. For other applicants, flexible private-pay options exist. Please call us at 978-830-FARM for more details.

Where do the animals come from?

The animals on our farm come to us from a wide variety of circumstances and locations. Some are retired from working roles or from the entertainment industry, some are in foster care with us as part of conservation or breeding programs, some need rehoming due to a change in circumstances for the previous owner, and others have been rescued from unsafe or unstable living conditions. Each of these amazing creatures is greeted the same as any of our human residents, with compassion and love. And just like our residents, each animal is evaluated for special care needs and provided with a nurturing and healthy environment in which to thrive. 

While space and resources limit just how many animals we can host on the farm, please contact us to discuss our ability to assist you with placing an animal at our facility.

How can individuals or corporate sponsors support the program?

The Carl E. Dahl House is a program of GAAMHA, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and Massachusetts certified W/NPO (woman controlled non-profit organization). We graciously accept tax deductible donations and appreciate the incredible financial support of our many sponsors. Donors are welcome to direct their generosity toward either our services for our human residents, our rescue animals and their care, or both. Contact us to learn how you can be a part of this special program, or donate directly at the link below.

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