Meet Our Team

Annual Salary:
$3000 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Strength and Conditioning Coach


Thor is the newest member of our team who joined us in November of 2018. This hammer-wielding teenage Percheron draft horse decided to take a step back from defending the universe to pursue his secret passion for working with people in early recovery. Thor is a firm believer that a strong body and a strong spirit can help anyone overcome any obstacle, and he looks forward to teaching this at the farm. When Thor isn't working, he enjoys entering Stronghorse competitions and was a 3-time Mr. New Hampshire winner, competing against the likes of Arnold Horzenegger, Lou Foaligno, and Horse Hogan.

Annual Salary:
$1800 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Director of Customer Service


Patton is a juvenile Leonberger who has has been the farm's top performer in Visitor Greeting Response Time for 5 straight months. Patton is known for his friendly demeanor and his tendency to lean against anyone who is near. While Patton has a secret fear of goats, he often makes the rounds on the farm checking in on each of his friends. In his free time he likes to demand belly rubs and take long walks on the trail system connected to the farm.

Annual Salary:
$900 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

ASSistant Director of Inflexibility


Muku is a gifted practitioner of self will and can match the persistence of even the most headstrong donkey or resident. Muku is a great storyteller and will share tales with a willing listener, such as the time he let himself out and went for a stroll downtown on his own. Muku's specialties include doing what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants. 

Annual Salary:
$600 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Assistant Barn Manager


Eddie has been overseeing barn activities for as long as anyone can remember. Local legend says that Eddie was exposed to radioactive materials as a kid while saving a group of technicians from an industrial accident, thus leading to his inexplicable size and strength. This (mostly) gentle giant spends his weekends testing fences, walls, and locks for durability. He says it's a community service (and none of us are willing to argue with him).

Amy Swinehouse.jpg
Annual Salary:
$500 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Environmental Services - Recycling Specialist

Amy Swinehouse

Amy was raised on our farm and has grown to become our resident diva. Amy is a stickler for efficiency and insists that no edible products go to waste, often volunteering to dispose of these items herself. Amy works closely with her partner, Porky, as they manage recycling of organic items on the farm. Amy loves a good wallow in the mud and hopes to become a mom someday.

Annual Salary:
$3000 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Behavior Analyst

Ms. Clover

Ms. Clover uses her sixth sense to evaluate new residents and has a knack for knowing what kind of companionship each person needs. She will be gentle and nurturing with some and precocious and playful with others. When she isn't working she is a connoisseur  of fine grasses and enjoys a nice roll in the snow.

Annual Salary:
$500 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Environmental Services - Mud Analyst


Porky was brought to the farm by a local family who no longer had the space for this beloved behemoth. Porky is as friendly as a labrador retriever and will happily play ball or just relax and enjoy a good scratch behind the ears. Porky is a bit of a foodie and his discerning palette allows him to enjoy the finest cuisine, with his personal favorite being a french dish called "Le Anythingthatwillfitinhismouth". Porky spends his off days wallowing in mud and cuddling with his partner Amy.

Annual Salary:
$500 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Micro Manager


While Phoebe may be a miniature pig, she makes up for it with a big personality. Phoebe loves to get out and explore, find new and ridiculous places to nap, and really enjoys a nice brushing. 

Old Blue Eyes... #goatsofinstagram.jpg
Annual Salary:
$600 - Covers food, vet care, misc.



Lucky, aka "Old Blue Eyes", joined the team after a long and successful modeling career for brand names such as Baaaaa Nana Republic and Furberry. Now he spends his days making sure all of his goat friends are camera ready, all the time.

Annual Salary:
$600 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Agility Coach


This speedster is known for his patented "walk up to you and pretend I want to be petted and then bolt away" maneuver. Happy to greet you as long as you don't get too close, Ferdinand is a strong believer in the "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors" policy.

Annual Salary:
$600 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Activities Director


Winter is a talented, young professional who developed her skills by bossing around her younger sister. Winter is not afraid to decide who eats first, who gets petted first, who gets the comfy hay pile, and who gets to pee on the visitors. It was this decision making ability that got Winter her role and makes her a valuable member of our team.

Annual Salary:
$600 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Peanut Gallery

Autumn & Roxy

These sassy sisters were bottle raised on our farm and spend their days providing their VERY vocal opinions to anyone within ear shot. They are happiest when they can cuddle up next to a resident or visitor and talk about their favorite snacks like shoelaces, zippers, shirt sleeves, pony tails, etc...

Annual Salary:
$400 - Covers food, vet care, misc.


The Goose Family

After years of training with French Special Forces, this family of Toulouse Geese decided to settle in North Central Massachusetts to avoid the questions that followed their special ops activities. They now spend their days alerting farm residents about approaching cars and visitors. They are particularly suspicious of postal carriers and delivery drivers. "Trust No One and Don't Be Afraid to Take a Finger" are Mr. Goose's famous words of wisdom. In spite of their combative nature they play a vital role of keeping the farm safe from predators and paperboys.

Annual Salary:
$400 - Covers food, vet care, misc.

Garden Crew


While he won't win any beauty contests, we can all learn something from Duckie aka Steam Shovel. After being attacked by other birds as a duckling and losing part of his upper bill, Duckie has overcome his physical limitations to become a confident and crucial member of our team. Duckie makes sure the grass is clipped and no bugs are allowed to enter his area, and he isn't afraid to chase a goose out of the pool when he's ready for a bath!

Annual Salary:
Salary commensurate with size, appetite and healthcare needs 

Career Opportunities

Join Our Team

Are you or someone you know a professional farm animal looking to spend the rest of you career showing people with Substance Use Disorders that there IS hope and we DO recover? Need a change of scenery? Outgrown your existing position at your current job? Stalls and pens are available now for the right candidate! Email us at and maybe The Carl E. Dahl House at Cass Farm can be your forever home too!